Code Enforcement - Frequently Asked Questions



1. What do I do about a Civil Violation Notice that was issued to me?

A violator who has been served with a civil violation notice can elect to either:
  • Pay the civil penalty indicated on the notice, and correct the violation within the time specified on the notice (if applicable);   or
  • Request an administrative hearing before a Hearing Officer to appeal the decision of the Code Inspector which resulted in the issuance of the civil violation notice.

2. How do I get information to correct the violation?

Contact the Code Inspector of the Code Enforcement Agency who issued the notice.


How can I request an administrative hearing before a Hearing Officer to appeal the decision of the Animal Control Officer / Investigator?

By filing a request in writing, within the time specified on the civil violation notice, and mail to the following address:

Code Enforcement, Clerk of the Courts
111 NW. 1st. Street, Suite 17-50
Miami, Florida 33128

4. Can I mail my payment?

Yes, make your check payable to Code Enforcement, Clerk of Courts and mail it to the above address.

5. Do I have to pay the penalty if I have already corrected the violation?

Yes, you are required to do both, that is correct the violation and pay the penalty in order for the case to be closed.

6. Why have I received a second notice with accumulative penalties since I have already paid my original penalty?

The second notice was generated due to the fact that a correction of the violation has not been recorded.

7. What does an "Intact Dog" mean?

A dog that has not been spayed or neutered.

8. How can I get to speak to someone in the Miami-Dade Animal Services Department?

In accordance to the Animal Care & Control System, it is required that you leave a detailed message on their voice mail at (305) 884-1101 ext. 222, or fax the information directly to them at (305) 884-3447.

9. Why did I not get a WARNING notice prior to receiving a civil violation notice?

A warning is not required, but it is sometimes given as a courtesy at the discretion of the Code Enforcement Agency.


I no longer have the dog, (i.e.: it died), what do I do?

You may notify the Miami-Dade Animal Services Department in writing by sending a letter to:

Miami-Dade Animal Services Department
7401 N.W. 74th Street
Miami, Florida 33166


Where can I appeal the decision of the Hearing Officer?

The violator or the County may appeal the final order of the Hearing Officer for all violations by filing a notice of appeal in the Circuit Court in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida, in accordance with the procedures and within the time provided by the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure for the review of administrative action.

Notice of appeal shall be filed within thirty days of the decision of the Hearing Officer at:

County Court
73 West Flagler Street - Suite 138-B
Miami, Florida 33131