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eFiling Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Filing Standards

4. Can I file documents using electronic signature?

5. How will the ePortal store the filing time and time stamping of filings?




4. Can I file documents using electronic signature?

The ePortal authority has received permission allowing filers to use electronic signature. Below are the acceptable signature types.

Signatures of Registered Users

A submission by a registered user is not required to bear the electronic image of the handwritten signature or an encrypted signature of the filer. Electronic signatures may be used in the place of a handwritten signature unless otherwise prohibited by law. The information contained in the signature block shall meet the following required elements defined in Rule 2.515(a) and (b), Florida Rules of Judicial Administration. Additional information is optional.

Attorney Example:

s/ John Doe
Bar Number 12345
123 South Street
City, FL 12345

Telephone:  (123) 123-4567

Multiple Attorneys of Record Signatures

When a filing requires the signatures of two or more attorneys of record:

The filing attorney shall initially confirm that the content of the document is acceptable to all attorneys required to sign the document and shall obtain the signatures of all attorneys on the document. For this purpose, physical, facsimile, or electronic signatures are permitted.

The filing attorney then shall file the document electronically, indicating the signatories, (e.g. “s/Jane Doe, “ ”s/John Smith,” etc.) for each attorney’s signature.


5.  How will the ePortal store the filing time and time stamping of filings?

All dates and times, including when the filing is received at the portal and processed by the clerk, are stored in the ePortal database to ensure the accuracy and consistency of when the event took place. An electronic filing may be submitted to the portal at any time of the day or night, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days a week. For purposes of determining timeliness, an accepted filing shall be deemed filed on the date and time when the electronic filing is received at the ePortal.

However, all documents filed after currently established filing hours will be processed during regular business hours in accordance with Document Receiving 3.1.11.