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Traffic Online Case Resolutions:

Q: The 11th Judicial Circuit Court is offering Online Case Resolution (OCR) for traffic citations involving proof of compliance. What are considered proof of compliance traffic citations?

A: Proof of compliance traffic citations are:

  • Expired registration
  • No registration certificate
  • Expired Driver License
  • Driver License not carried
  • No Proof of Insurance


Q: Through the OCR option, can I use my out of state Driver’s License as proof of compliance for my driver’s license violation traffic citation?  

A: An out of state driver’s license may be considered valid to drive in Florida, subject to eligibility determination by the Traffic Hearing Officer.


Q: I renewed my insurance the same day I was issued the traffic citation. Will a copy of my proof of new insurance dismiss my traffic citation?

A: The Court will determine if your compliance documents are valid and if your case may be dismissed.  


Q: How do I request a court hearing using OCR?

A: Once you file a request for trial for your traffic citation, you will receive a notice to appear in court with your hearing date. If your traffic citation is eligible for OCR, there will be information on the court notice advising you of your eligibility, with a link to Online Case Resolution.


Q: Will I need to talk to the Traffic Hearing Officer on the day of my hearing?

A: No, a Traffic Hearing Officer reviews the compliance documents you submitted online. You will receive a text or email notification from OCR with the Traffic Hearing Officer’s decision. If you do not choose OCR, you MUST appear remotely or through telephonic appearance on the date and time indicated on your notice of court appearance through ZOOM by entering the meeting ID or telephone number provided.


Q: Who will notify me if my case was closed?

A: OCR will send you an email or text notifying you of the Traffic Hearing Officer’s decision. You can view case status by visiting the OCR status page within Online Case Resolution.


Q: Will I get something in writing stating the Traffic Hearing Officer’s decision?

A: If your proof of compliance was accepted and your case is dismissed, through a text or email notification from OCR, you will be provided with a final judgment.


Q: How long does it take before I can view the status of my case on the Clerk’s website?

A: In addition to you receiving an OCR text or email notification with the Traffic Hearing Officer’s decision, the final disposition will be available on the Clerk’s website the day after your OCR session. Please visit the Clerk's Traffic Online System.



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