Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Bond Refunds

Pursuant to F.S 27.52, 903.286 and 903.29. The Clerk of Courts shall withhold unpaid costs, prosecution, costs of representation, court fees, court costs and criminal penalties, if any from the Cash Bond return.

Bond refunds will be refunded and mailed to the depositor, 10 days from the date the case is disposed.

If the depositor (assignee) wants the refund in person-they may come to the Central Bonds Unit, 1351 NW 12th Street, 9th floor; Miami, FL 33125, with valid photo ID prior to 10 days.

Refunds will be made by check payable to the bond depositor at the address listed on the bond receipt, unless a notarized assignment is received and/or mailed to the above address with a valid photo ID.

For further bond refund information, call (305) 548-5490, weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm.