Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Criminal Court - Collections

If your case has been assigned to a collection agency, the Clerk’s Office will be able to accept full payment of your outstanding financial obligation. You can contact the collection agency assigned to your case(s) directly to make partial payments as well as full payments. Restitution Orders and Public Defender Liens are not part of the fines and court costs assigned to collection agencies. These payments must be made directly to the Clerk of Courts.

Please note that once you are referred to a collection agency, they will be adding an additional 40% to balance owed.


The agencies are assigned specific case numbers. You can use our Online Criminal Justice - Case Search to identify which agency has been assigned to a particular case.

Upon reaching the link above, follow these instructions:

  • You can select to enter information from your case number, state case number, citation/police number, name or jail number tabs
  • Type in the appropriate information
  • Click on submit
  • If using name or jail number as a search, you must now select appropriate case number for inquiry
  • Click on ‘dockets’ to find the collection agency assigned to your case and the balanced owed (Note: balanced owed does not include the 40% added by the collection agency)

Payments for Restitution and Public Defender Liens must be made directly to the Clerk of Courts. They may be mailed-in or taken in person to the following locations:

Overtown Transit Village South
601 NW 1st  Court, 19th Floor
Miami, Florida 33136