Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Domestic Violence - Injunction Types

Temporary Injunction
After the paperwork has been completed, if it is determined by the court that you are in danger of being victimized, the deputy clerk will prepare a temporary injunction order for signature by a judge.

This order can be obtained on the same day you file your petition without a hearing before the judge. The temporary injunction is valid for up to 15 days.

If the judge denies the temporary injunction because it does not appear that there is an immediate and present danger of domestic violence, a full hearing on the petition for the temporary injunction will automatically be set on the soonest court date available.

Permanent Injunction
Within the time period that the temporary injunction is in effect, a court hearing will be scheduled before the judge to determine if a permanent injunction should be entered against the person committing the acts of violence.

A permanent injunction is good indefinitely, or until dissolved by the Court.