Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

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The Traffic Court processes traffic citations issued by every law enforcement agency in Miami-Dade County.  Duties include public records custodial duties, fine collections and maintaining court files for County Court Judges and Hearing Officers.

Traffic Citations contain seven alphanumeric characters not including  the dash.  The citation number is located at the top right hand corner of the citation.

To research your Traffic Citation history and status, go to:
Pay / Search your Traffic Citation  

You may also call our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System at 305-275-1111 for Traffic Violation information and may also choose to speak with an operator from 9am to 12 noon, Monday through Friday. 

Parking citations are issued to a vehicle found in violation of a county ordinance or state statute, and by law, are the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle.

Parking Citations contain 8 numeric characters (do not include any blank spaces between numbers). The number is located at the center left or top of the citation.

To research your Parking citation  history & status, go to:
Pay / Search your Parking Citation