Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Traffic School

The accumulation of too many points could cause the suspension of your driving privileges. Visit the Florida DHSMV site for further information on points suspensions.

The benefits of attending traffic school are:

  • Adjudication of guilt is withheld. This means no record of conviction.
  • No points are imposed against your driving record.
  • You may keep your insurance rates from increasing.

There are 2 types of courses that can be elected on a non-criminal infraction/traffic citation, either the 4 or 8-hour course.

  • You are eligible for the 4-hour course if you have not elected a 4-hour traffic course within the last 12 months or 5 times within a lifetime (after October 1, 2008) -- or -- if you have never before elected a 4-hour traffic school course and you do not hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and were not charged with a Toll Violation or Red Light Violation issued by a camera.
  • If you do not qualify for a 4-hour course, you may be eligible to attend an 8-hour course. The 8-hour course is only available to you once in your lifetime and you do not hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and were not charged with a Toll Violation or Red Light Violation issued by a camera.  You should only register for the 8-hour if you do not qualify for the 4-hour course. Be aware, once you elect the 8-hour course it becomes mandatory and you are required to complete this 8-hour course.
  • If you do not remember the last time you elected traffic school, you can check with the traffic school that you last attended or order a copy of your driving record. Your driving record will not provide you the date you last attended school, but may provide you with a list of the citations in which you received a withhold of adjudication.
  • You may obtain a copy of your driving record by visiting Traffic FAQs.

You can register for traffic school by contacting any of the traffic schools listed in your local telephone directory or search the internet at Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for a listing of school providers. 

  • If you received a notice stating that you failed to complete traffic school, you either did not complete the traffic school timely or the Clerk of Courts has not received your certificate of completion. In either case, please contact the Clerk of the Courts in person or by phone at 305-275-1111.

    * You may attend traffic school in any county within the state of Florida. You may also attend traffic school on-line via the World Wide Web.
  • The Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts must receive a certificate of completion within 120 days of the date of payment or court appearance. Schools outside Miami-Dade County or on the web will not mail the certificate to the Clerk's Office.  
  • You must  mail your certificate of completion to the Clerk of Courts, PO BOX 19321, Miami, Florida  33101-9321.
  • If you were ordered by the court to attend traffic school, you must complete the course to avoid the suspension of your driver license. Once your license is suspended for failing to comply with this court order, you must complete the course prior to having your driver license reinstated. This order does not count as an election of traffic school. Therefore, you may elect to attend a traffic school course within the same year if you receive another moving violation.

Child Restraint Offender's Program (C.R.O.P.)
The C.R.O.P. is a 90-minute program specifically designed for drivers who have been charged with a child restraint violation. C.R.O.P. can only be elected once in a lifetime. If you elect to attend this course, the civil penalty for your case will be reduced. If you were not charged with a child restraint violation, you should not attempt to attend this course.

Participants must bring their child restraint seat to class and points will not be assessed if the course is elected. The program is held at Miami Children's Hospital, 3100 S.W. 62 Avenue, Miami, FL 33155.

  • To register for the course, call the hospital at 305-663-6865.
  • You will have 60 days, from either the date the citation was paid or from the date you attended court, to complete the course. If you fail to complete this course within 60 days, additional penalties will be assessed, your license will be suspended and you will still be required to complete the course.

You can still avoid points on your driver license for a child restraint violation if you do not qualify for the C.R.O.P. You can elect either the 4 or 8-hour traffic school courses. The qualifications for those courses still apply.