Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Criminal Court Services


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The Miami-Dade Criminal Court is comprised of two levels of operations: Circuit Criminal and County Criminal.

County Criminal maintains the records of all misdemeanor arrests, certain civil infractions (boating and wildlife violations) and municipal or ordinance violations and is part of the Traffic/Misdemeanor Division.

Boating Mailer (for boating and wildlife violations)

Circuit Criminal, conversely, receives and processes all felony affidavits of probable cause, grand jury indictments and arrest warrants. This section conducts two felony bond hearings daily via a video transmission between the courtroom and pre-trial detention center.

Special felony drug court bond hearings also occur daily. During these hearings, the defendant is given the opportunity to enter a special drug rehabilitation program instead of going to trial.

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